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Connect PgSTAC and TiTiler.

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Source Code: stac-utils/titiler-pgstac

TiTiler-PgSTAC is a TiTiler extension that connects to a PgSTAC database to create dynamic mosaics based on search queries.


To install from PyPI and run:

# Make sure to have pip up to date
$ python -m pip install -U pip

# Install `psycopg` or `psycopg["binary"]` or `psycopg["c"]`
$ python -m pip install psycopg["binary"]

$ python -m pip install titiler.pgstac

To install from sources and run for development:

$ git clone
$ cd titiler-pgstac
$ python -m pip install -e .

PgSTAC version

titiler.pgstac depends on pgstac >=0.3.4 (

psycopg requirement

titiler.pgstac depends on the psycopg library. Because there are three ways of installing this package (psycopg or , psycopg["c"], psycopg["binary"]), the user must install this separately from titiler.pgstac.

  • psycopg: no wheel, pure python implementation. It requires the libpq installed in the system.
  • psycopg["binary"]: binary wheel distribution (shipped with libpq) of the psycopg package and is simpler for development. It requires development packages installed on the client machine.
  • psycopg["c"]: a C (faster) implementation of the libpq wrapper. It requires the libpq installed in the system.

psycopg[c] or psycopg are generally recommended for production use.

In titiler.pgstac, we have added three options to let users choose which psycopg install to use:

  • pip install titiler.pgstac["psycopg"]: pure python
  • pip install titiler.pgstac["psycopg-c"]: use the C wrapper (requires development packages installed on the client machine)
  • pip install titiler.pgstac["psycopg-binary"]: binary wheels


You'll need to have POSTGRES_USER, POSTGRES_PASS, POSTGRES_DBNAME, POSTGRES_HOST, POSTGRES_PORT variables set in your environment pointing to your Postgres database where pgstac has been installed.

export POSTGRES_USER=username
export POSTGRES_PASS=password
export POSTGRES_DBNAME=postgis
export POSTGRES_HOST=database
export POSTGRES_PORT=5432
$ pip install uvicorn
$ uvicorn titiler.pgstac.main:app --reload

Using Docker

$ git clone
$ cd titiler-pgstac
$ docker-compose up --build tiler

It runs titiler.pgstac using Gunicorn web server. To run Uvicorn based version:

$ docker-compose up --build tiler-uvicorn

Contribution & Development





See contributors for a listing of individual contributors.