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Tips and Tricks

This page contains a few 'tips and tricks' for getting stac-fastapi working in various situations.

Get stac-fastapi working with CORS

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support may be required to use stac-fastapi in certain situations. For example, if you are running stac-browser to browse the STAC catalog created by stac-fastapi, then you will need to enable CORS support. To do this, edit your backend's and add the following import:

from fastapi.middleware.cors import CORSMiddleware

and then edit the api = StacApi(... call to add the following parameter:

middlewares=[lambda app: CORSMiddleware(app, allow_origins=["*"])]

If needed, you can edit the allow_origins parameter to only allow CORS requests from specific origins.

Enable the Context extension


The ContextExtension is deprecated and will be removed in 3.0. See radiantearth/stac-api-spec#396

The Context STAC extension provides information on the number of items matched and returned from a STAC search. This is required by various other STAC-related tools, such as the pystac command-line client. To enable the extension, edit your backend's and add the following import:

from stac_fastapi.extensions.core.context import ContextExtension

and then edit the api = StacApi(... call to add ContextExtension() to the list given as the extensions parameter.

Set API title, description and version

For the landing page, you can set the API title, description and version using environment variables.

  • STAC_FASTAPI_VERSION (string) is the version number of your API instance (this is not the STAC version).
  • STAC FASTAPI_TITLE (string) should be a self-explanatory title for your API.
  • STAC FASTAPI_DESCRIPTION (string) should be a good description for your API. It can contain CommonMark.
  • STAC_FASTAPI_LANDING_ID (string) is a unique identifier for your Landing page.

Default includes in Fields extension (POST request)

The Fields API extension enables to filter in/out STAC Items keys (e.g geometry). The default behavior is to not filter out anything, but this can be overridden by providing a custom FieldsExtensionPostRequest class:

from typing import Optional, Set

import attr
from stac_fastapi.extensions.core import FieldsExtension as FieldsExtensionBase
from stac_fastapi.extensions.core.fields import request
from pydantic import BaseModel, Field

class PostFieldsExtension(requests.PostFieldsExtension):
    include: Optional[Set[str]] = Field(
        default_factory=lambda: {
    exclude: Optional[Set[str]] = set()

class FieldsExtensionPostRequest(BaseModel):
    """Additional fields and schema for the POST request."""

    fields: Optional[PostFieldsExtension] = Field(PostFieldsExtension())

class FieldsExtension(FieldsExtensionBase):
    """Override the POST model"""

    POST = FieldsExtensionPostRequest

from import StacApi

stac = StacApi(