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Install instructions

Install poetry:

Poetry is a python dependencies management tool see then using the poetry tool, update the poetry lock file and install plugin dependencies by running

 cd qgis-stac-plugin

 poetry update --lock

 poetry install

Install the plugin into QGIS

Use the below command to install the plugin into QGIS

poetry run python install


The plugin contains a bash script in the root folder that can be used to run the all the plugin tests locally for QGIS 3.16 and 3.20 versions on a linux based OS. The script uses the QGIS official docker images, in order to use it, docker images for QGIS version 3.16 and 3.20 need to be present.

Run the following commands in linux shell to pull the images and execute the script for tests.

docker pull qgis/qgis:release-3_16
docker pull qgis/qgis:release-3_22

GitHub actions workflow is provided by the plugin to run tests in QGIS 3.16, 3.18, 3.20 and 3.22 versions in the plugin repository, the workflow is located in the following directory .github/workflow/ci.yml

Building documentation

Plugin uses a mkdocs-material theme for the github pages documentation site, to run locally the site run the following commands after making updates to the documentation pages that are located inside the docs plugin folder.

poetry run mkdocs serve

This will create a local hosted site, that can be accessed via "localhost:8080".

For more options available via the mkdocs run the following commands.

poetry run mkdocs --help


poetry run mkdocs command --help

where command can be serve or build.

Whenever the poetry dependencies have changed, the poetry lock file should be updated and new packages should be installed.

Last update: July 18, 2022